OLLI E-News #34-11 of September 9, 2011
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> BOARD MEETING: 10:00 Fri, Sep 16, Tallwood. All OLLI members are invited.
> OLLI POET PUBLISHED. Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine, recently printed OLLI member Mike McNamara's autobiographical poem, "Dad's Glasses."
> THE POST PROFILES DR. LINDA MONSON. Click here to read Sunday's Post profile of  Mason's Dr. Linda Monson, a huge OLLI supporter; click here for Sep 18 concert details.
> OLLI ETIQUETTE. From the executive director. By Thom Clement
New Board member Martha Scanlon. By Carolyn Sanders
> CLOSED FALL COURSES. Many courses are still open. By Beth Baroody
Important info about an important job.
Wed, Sep 14 – The Bonesetter's Daughter.

> THE TOM SWIFT SQUAD NEEDS YOU! Interested in technology? Learn with us.

> A BOOK CLUB WITH A DIFFERENT TWIST. Homer, etc. seeks new members, new ideas.

> COMPUTER CLUB. Sat, Sep 17 – PowerPoint Tips and Tricks. By Paul Howard
Selected by the OLLI Poetry Workshop.
> MASON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming Fairfax performances. By Jan Bohall

> MASON HIGHLIGHTS. Other Mason events. By Helen Ackerman

> HYLTON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming Manassas performances.
By Sheri Siesseger
> COMING ATTRACTIONS. Upcoming non-class events at OLLI.

From the executive director
By Thom Clement, Executive Director
ETIQUETTE IS DEFINED as the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behavior in society in general or in a specific social or professional group or situation. As you return to classrooms this fall, you may once again notice the "OLLI Etiquette" posters in classrooms or hear reference to them from the class liaisons. From time to time, it's helpful to remind you of their origin and purpose.
     In various discussions during meetings of resource groups and committees over the years, our volunteers have indicated that a few people in their classes need reminders about courtesy towards classmates, their instructors and/or the staff and volunteers. Class liaisons generally start class sessions with a few reminders that will ensure the enjoyment of the sessions for everyone. To streamline the process of doing announcements and reminders, we summarized the main points as guidelines for appropriate classroom behavior and posted them in classrooms.
     The point that is most frequently discussed is "Ask Questions Appropriately." Exactly what does that mean? The Q&A portion of OLLI classes is usually enlightening and stimulating for everyone. However, when a questioner begins to monopolize class time with questions that are either too lengthy and/or too personal, it can be annoying to other class members. On rare occasions, a questioner may challenge the speaker a little too aggressively, forgetting that our OLLI speakers and instructors are volunteering their time. It is important to be considerate and respectful to our classmates as well as to our instructors and speakers.
     The seven points of "OLLI Etiquette” are listed below.

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Martha Scanlon
Photo by Gordon Canyock
New Board member Martha Scanlon

By Carolyn Sanders, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
I'VE KNOWN new Board member Martha Scanlon for several years, but I didn't know that much about her until writing this profile. An OLLI member since 2003, Martha has worked many years as an office volunteer and continually seeks volunteers for the Tallwood front desk, which she schedules. She is one of the class-liaison chairs, helping select liaisons for classes at Tallwood. Martha takes courses on all three campuses and has taught one class (on selected poets – interesting since Martha's degrees and job experiences are all about math and economics); she looks forward to having time to teach more.
     Since being elected in May to serve on OLLI's Board of Directors, she has agreed to chair the Member Services Committee, whose mission, she says, "is anything that will make life more pleasant for the members outside of the classroom." As you've probably gathered by now, Martha is a strong advocate of volunteering. She believes that volunteering is an integral part of the OLLI culture and experience ... and that working with other members is as rewarding to the volunteers as the services provided. You've been warned!
     Before she retired in 2002, Martha worked at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. As a deputy associate director of the Research Division, she specialized in research and analysis of financial markets and worked on monetary policy issues. Her husband, Bill, is a still-employed economist who graciously taught a course at OLLI last year; we would be fortunate were Bill to follow Martha by joining OLLI after he retires. Martha and Bill have a married son, a daughter practicing law in DC, and a large, lovable Old English Sheepdog.
     This lady is not all business. Martha likes genealogy, Bridge, watercolor painting, poetry, reading, writing, gardening, golf lessons (she doesn't actually play golf), yoga, travel, people and single-malt Scotch. Make a point of getting to know her. You won't be sorry. And, yes, remember to volunteer.
Many courses are still open
By Beth Baroody, OLLI Registrar
BELOW IS THE LIST of closed fall courses. All other courses are still available for you to sign up. Many courses are not full, and it's not too late to sign up ... preferably online (see note below) or otherwise by filling in a Change of Schedule Request form in the office or by emailing the office with your request.
     Pending your receipt of confirmation of requested courses and events, you can find out now which are confirmed. Simply go to your My Schedule page (log-in required), and the courses you selected are shown as either Confirmed or Waitlisted.

F103  Music Sampler
F104  Navigating the Digital Darkroom
F107  Sketching/Drawing Workshop
F110  Watercolor Painting
F201  Federal Deficits and Debt
F203  The Tom Crooker Investment Forum
F204  An Economics Potpourri
F301  The United States from 1974 to 2000
F302  More Tales of the Silk Road
F303  Walking Through Time
F306  Military Aspects of the American Revolution II
F403  Readers' Theater
F409  Memoir Writing
F410  T. S. Eliot: From The Waste Land to Cats
F501  Beginning Italian
F503  Spanish Conversational Forum
F603  Jesus, Paul and the Law
F652  The Year 1610, Part II
F701  What's in the Daily News?
F702  America and the World
F705  Foreign Policy Roundtable
F904  Beginning Bridge

R112  The Great Romantic Composers
R312  The U.S. Constitution
R413  Literary Roundtable
R706  The Supreme Court: Current Cases
R906  Bridge Refresher
R907  Learn to Play Mah Jongg


L115  Digital Photography for the Point-and-Shoot Crowd
L605  Seven Voices, Seven Faiths
L812  Beginning Tai Chi

Special Events
956  AARP Driver Safety Program
957  The Battle of Ball's Bluff
959  The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem
964  A Proper British Tea
974  Traveling the Underground Railroad
975  Virginia Winery Tours and Tastings
978  George Mason Campus Tour
979  "We Clashed with a Shock" – Antietam 1862
981  Tour of McConnell Operations Center
982  Guided Tour of Dodona Manor
984  TWA 800 & NTSB's Conduct of Accident Investigation
985  Lunch at Kazan Turkish Restaurant

> Tallwood
F805/University Technology Transfer; F901/Men Cooking for Men; F308/Private Military Companies, Then and Now
> Loudoun
L419/Creativity: A Journey from Within; L709/The Correct Way to Conduct a Survey
> Special Events
967/Steam Coffin: Captain Moses Rogers

Note about adding and withdrawing. We encourage you to add or withdraw from courses using the online registration system at the Member Portal.
  • To ADD a course: after logging in, click the Courses menu and select Register/Add Course; on the OLLI Registration Page, select the desired course(s), and click Submit.
  • To WITHDRAW from a course: after logging in, click the Courses menu and select Drop a Course; on the Withdraw page, select the course or special event from which you want to withdraw, and then click the Withdraw button at the bottom.
     Remember that you may also update your personal info such as postal address, phone number, email address, license tag and opting out of the printed catalog ("No Catalog") through this online system (click Membership/Edit Personal Info).
     You must first create a user account before attempting changes. Follow the instructions on the Member Portal or refer to page 41 of the fall catalog. Please contact the staff by email or phone (703-503-3384) if you need assistance in setting up your user account.
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Important info about an important job
A HEARTY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who noted in your registrations that you would be willing to be a liaison in one or more of your classes. For classes where no offer has been made, we are currently calling members of those classes to ask them to serve as liaisons.
     If you are called, we hope you will consider this most important job as an opportunity to join the dedicated core of OLLI volunteers. Liaisons ensure that classes start on time, that the course instructor is properly introduced and has the information he/she needs, and that our members are kept up-to-date about news and upcoming events at OLLI.
     Liaisons selected for the fall classes will receive all relevant materials next week by email. Please read carefully the list of responsibilities, some of which need to be taken care of before classes start. Class lists will not be sent by email but will be available in the classrooms.
     There will be two liaison orientation meetings on Thursday, September 15 – 11:00 at Loudoun and 1:00 at Tallwood; come to whichever one you prefer. We encourage new liaisons to attend as well as seasoned liaisons who may have insights they wish to share. If you cannot attend but have questions, please contact one of the liaison chairs.
     Many thanks to all our liaisons, past, present and future, for your contributions to the OLLI program!
-- Contributed by liaison chairs Kathy Breen and Mary Ann Seesholtz (Loudoun), Janet Cochran (Reston) and Martha Scanlon (Fairfax).
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Wed, Sep 14 – The Bonesetter's Daughter
THE OLLI BOOK CLUB will meet at 10:00 on Wednesday, September 14 at Tallwood. The book for discussion is The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan.
     Ms. Tan is this year's winner of the Fairfax Prize, an award by the Fairfax Library Association for "writing and publishing literary works that contribute significantly to American and international culture." The award presentation is at 7:30 on Tuesday, September 20 at Mason's Center for the Arts Concert Hall as part of the Fall for the Book Festival. Click here for details about the author, her books and this award.

-- By Ceda McGrew, Book Club Coordinator. F
or a summary and reviews of the book, click here.
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Interested in technology? Learn with us.
OLLI'S AUDIOVISUAL SUPPORT COMMITTEE (a.k.a. The Tom Swift Squad) is looking for additional volunteers to help ensure the smooth employment of OLLI's audiovisual resources. Our primary mission is to help instructors, liaisons and staff with any audiovisual issues that might arise during the classes we attend.
     We'll be meeting at 1:45 on Wednesday, September 14 – location will be noted on the Tallwood class board. We'll be training on OLLI's classroom audiovisual equipment, exploring the PowerPoint 'presenter view,' reviewing docucam/laptop computer interfaces and planning future committee activities, including classes for instructors starting in the fall.
     Please let me know if you're planning to attend or would like to become a "Swiftie" even if you can't attend this meeting. Contact me by email (preferred) or phone (703-860-9246).

-- By Paul Howard, Audiovisual Support Committee Chair. For more information on the Audiovisual Support Committee, see its Web page.

Homer, etc. seeks new members, new ideas
COME JOIN US AND HELP US CHOOSE our next book! We're finishing Madame Bovary within a few weeks ... and we are looking for new members and new ideas.
     We meet at Tallwood every Friday morning at 11:00 to read aloud—to each other—traditional classics and contemporary ones as well; a recent choice was Grapes of Wrath.
     For more information, please email Jan Bohall.
-- Submitted by Jan Bohall, Homer, etc. Coordinator

Sat, Sep 17 – PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
By Paul Howard, Computer Club Coordinator
OLLI'S COMPUTER CLUB (the OLLI Personal Computer User Group, or OPCUG) will meet on Saturday, September 17. Join us at 12:30 for drinks and socializing in the Tallwood social room. Presentations will begin at 1:00 in TA-1. This month's offerings will include the following.
     PowerPoint Tips and Tricks – A Webinar presentation by Kathy Jacobs, president of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups (photo at right). Kathy will share some of her best tips and tricks for creating and presenting presentations using PowerPoint 2010. As a PowerPoint expert, she guarantees that if you use PowerPoint, you will learn from this presentation.
     Tech Smarts: Getting What You Want, Before and After the Sale – A "Learn 30" session by Gabe Goldberg, who will explain the art of creative complaining when wrestling with Internet service providers, cable companies and customer support.
     See full details on this meeting by clicking here. For information on the OLLI Computer Club, see the OPCUG Web site.
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Order sweatshirts, shirts, caps and tote bags with the OLLI/Mason logo at any time directly from the vendor for delivery to your home. At the store, click "OLLI-GMU Store" to see the pictures, then click on each item to see details. Note: The pictures do not show our logo but it will be embroidered on items that you order.

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OLLI members are encouraged to join the OLLI Facebook group as a means of enhancing intra-OLLI communications. Recent articles: how to join; how to post photos. (The icon is also under the Quick Links table on our Home page and What's New page.) Note: Once you join the OLLI group, you can access the group from your personal Facebook page by clicking on "Groups" or "More" in the left-side navigation area.

Selected by the OLLI Poetry Workshop

Moscow in December

Snow rains down on Moscow's winter face
And whitens the aging grey of a bundled city
Young women scurrying to their jobs in high spiked heels
Navigating rough sidewalks and cobblestones in a frigid storm.

All glistens and looks new with this blizzard
Covering the sins of this nation's capital
Its residents take cold for always granted
And refuse to let flakes ruin the start of a new day

As the cars and chimneys belch their filth into the air
The city's shabby coat of dirty white lowers no esprit
The young still seek out one another with keenness
And ignore the earth's signs of a city turning dark.

Vic Alessi
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Upcoming Fairfax performances, Sep 9 - 18
By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or buy online (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) or visit the Center for the Arts Box Office, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00. More info on tickets is at the CFA tickets page.

Faculty Artist Series
Jessie Guessford, composer
The Descent
  Sun, Sep 11, 7:00
     Dr. Guessford, an assistant professor in Mason's School of Music, focuses on musical composition using computer technology and has been a guest lecturer in OLLI's Music Sampler. The Descent is a story in one act, presented by MMT (Music Movement Technology) in Concert. The story is based on the Sumerian myth carved on a stone tablet of Inanna, queen of heaven and earth. Click here (pdf) for more info.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
Harris Theatre
Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
Guest Conductor: William Boughton
Karina Canellakis, violin
Sat, Sep 17, 8:00
     The season opens with a program of romantic works by a contemporary American composer,  John Corigliano, and three French composers, Saint-Saëns, Berlioz and Ernest Chausson, the latter revered for his introspective romantic music. Click here for more info.
Admission: $55, $45, $25  Students ages 6-18, $5
Concert Hall
Come at 7:00 for a pre-performance artistic discussion on Grand Tier III
A Grand Piano Celebration
Featuring Linda Apple Monson
with faculty colleagues
Sun, Sep 18, 3:00
     This gala event will launch the Dr. Linda Apple Monson Music Endowment Fund, which will support student scholarships and programs. Dr. Monson will include solo works by Ravel and duo piano works by Aram Khachaturian with her colleague, pianist Anna Balakerskaia; works by Schubert with tenor John Aler; and collaborative piano with jazz trombonist Harry Watters in a new work by Dan Bowyer. A piano ensemble work will be performed by Dr. Monson, Anna Balakerskaia, Kelly Ker-Hackleman, John Healey, Joanne Haroutounian and Patricia Parker. Several student recipients of scholarship support will perform works by Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy and Lutoslawski.
     Click here for details, including info about the separate Elegant Lunch at 1:00 ($50) and Reception at 5:00 ($30); package for 3 events, $75.
Admission: $20
Concert Hall
Keyboard Conversations®
with Jeffrey Siegel
A Beethoven Bonanza
Sun, Sep 18, 7:00
     Mr. Siegel opens his 19th season at the Center for the Arts with his "concert with commentary" program honoring Beethoven. We will hear the composer's lighthearted Sonata Opus 31, No. 3; his fiery Sonata Pathéthique, Opus 13; and his Sonata, Opus 109, written after he had become completely deaf.
Admission: $38, $30, $19
Family Friendly: Youth Grade 12 and under, half price with an adult
Concert Hall

Other Mason events, next two weeks
By Helen Ackerman, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
  • Health Administration and Policy Seminar Series. Dr. Richard A. Cooper, Senior Fellow in the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, presents "Wealth, Poverty and Health Care Utilization: A Tale of Two Cities." He will discuss the research that led him to the conclusion that if the U.S. is to control future increases in health care spending, it must address the high health care needs of the poor as well as the underlying social condition of poverty. Thu, Sep 15, 2:00 to 3:00 in Johnson Center, Room E. Free.
  • School of Art Visual Voices Series. Prof. Henry Matthews, director of Collections and Exhibitions at Grand Valley State University will discuss "Developing a Vision." During the past 10 years, he has taken the University's collection of visual arts from about 1,000 pieces to 9,000. The University has an unusually strong commitment to the arts, and Prof. Matthew's talk describes many of the works and how he and the University have developed a mutual vision. Thu, Sep 15, 7:30 in Harris Theatre. Free.
  • Fall for the Book. Writers at George Mason's annual book festival include Stephen King, Amy Tan, Jim Lehrer and Allegra Goodman among a variety of novelists, poets, historians, mystery writers and food writers. Sun, Sep 18-Fri, Sep 23. Free. Click here to view the full schedule of events at a glance.
  • Constitution Day Discussion. Join Mason's Prof. of Legal History Joyce Malcolm and Prof. of Government and Politics David Ericson for a discussion of the 14th Amendment, a consequence of the Civil War which sought to clarify who was a citizen of the United States. Today there is a debate over the clause that states "all persons born in the United States" are citizens. Should the 14th Amendment be changed because of immigration issues? Lecture followed by question and answer session. Mon, Sep 19, 1:30-3:00, Lecture Hall, Room 1. Free.

Upcoming Manassas performances, Sep 9 - 18 
By Sheri Siesseger, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or click "Buy Tickets" at the event listing in the calendar (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) – or visit the box office in the lobby of the Hylton Performing Arts Center on Mason's Prince William Campus in Manassas, Wed-Sat, noon to 6:00. More info on tickets is at the ticket purchase page. Note: Two OLLI members have advised E-News that tickets for events at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas are also routinely available at the Center for the Arts box office on the Fairfax campus, open Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00.

Asaph Dance Ensemble
Citywide Worship Night
Sun, Sep 11, 6:00
     Organized by Australian music producer Russell Frager and The Life Church, this community worship program features contemporary Christian music and classical ballet by the Asaph Dance Ensemble. The program is a commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Admission: Free, ticketed
Merchant Hall
The Flying Karamazov Brothers
Sat, Sep 17, 8:00
     This quartet of comedians has been performing since the 1970s, appearing on Broadway and late-night television. They are not brothers, or Russian, and do not fly, but are renowned for their juggling skills. The program is a mix of music, comedy, dance and theater.
Admission: $28, $36, $44
Merchant Hall

Upcoming non-class events at OLLI
THE FOLLOWING LIST covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office, with direct Web links added when available. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource group meetings. For more activities specifically related to the Loudoun site, see Roberta Sherman's latest Loudoun Notes (pdf). For more activities specifically related to the Reston site, see Sharon Gilman's latest Eye on Reston (Word document).
     Note: The below list is accurate as of mid-week but for the very latest information, please see Upcoming Non-Class Events to view the real-time OLLI online calendar maintained by the office.
Fri Sep 9   9:30am   Photography Club - TA-1
     10:00am   History & Current Events Resource Group Meeting - Cottage
     10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11:00am   Homer Club - Annex
Mon Sep 12   10:00am   What's in the Daily News? Continued - Annex
     11:00am   Member Services Committee Meeting - TA-2
Wed Sep 14   10:00am   The Tom Crooker Investment Forum - TA-1
     10:00am   Memoir Writing - Cottage
     10:00am   Book Club at Tallwood - TA-2
     10:00am   Tallwood Bridge Club - TA-3
     1:45pm   AV Support Committee training - Tallwood
Thu Sep 15   10:00   Communication Committee Meeting - TA-3
Fri Sep 16   10:00   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     10:00am   Board of Directors Meeting - TA-1
     11:00am   Homer Club - Annex
     2:00pm   20th Anniversary Reception - Church of the Good Shepherd
Sat Sep 17   1:00pm   OLLI Personal Computer User Group - TA-1
Mon Sep 19   Fall Term Begins - Tallwood, Reston, Loudoun
Wed Sep 21   1:45pm   Tallwood Bridge Club - TA-3
Fri Sep 23   9:00am   Travel Club - Cottage
     10:00am   New Member Coffee - TA-1
     10:00am   Loudoun Classic Fiction Book Club - Room 205
     10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11:00am   Homer Club - Annex
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How to contact OLLI
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