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> A BIG ISSUE THIS WEEK. But there won't be another issue until three weeks from today. The office returns from summer break Aug 17 and will email the next issue on Fri, Aug 21.
> CONSTRUCTION ON ROBERTS ROAD: For info, see this Mason Web page.

> WHAT A STAFF! From the executive director. By Thom Clement
> PROGRAM CORNER. Upcoming resource group meetings. By Kathryn Russell
> DON’T FORGET FRIENDS OF OLLI WHEN REGISTERING. It's easy to donate at registration time. By John Woods
> FOR THE FRIENDS OF OLLI... An idea from the Membership chair. By Debbie Halverson

Includes slideshow of photos taken at the Navy Museum.

> OLLI PC USER GROUP MEETING. Presentations on Skype and Windows 7. By Paul Howard

> FOUR YEARS AND COUNTING... A fourth anniversary for OLLI E-News. By Rod Zumbro
> OLLI FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY COMPLETES THIRD YEAR. Four excursions along Metro. By Stan Schretter
> PROFILE OF A BOARD MEMBER. Meet newly elected director Dick Young. By Elizabeth Crawford
> LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Trying classes at Loudoun.
> EYE ON RESTON. An unusual event in a Reston class. By Carol Henderson
How to contact OLLI.
. Non-class events at OLLI for the next two weeks

From the executive director
By Thom Clement, Executive Director
WE OFTEN EMPHASIZE THAT OLLI IS "DRIVEN" BY ITS MEMBERS who develop and implement the wonderful program of courses and activities. Indeed, the appeal of OLLI membership is directly related to the value of contributions to every aspect of the Institute.
     I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the wonderful staff members who provide services for our increasingly complex operations. As OLLI has grown to include over 860 members, the day-to-day responsibility of managing the work is more than most volunteers would care to handle. I am responsible for coordinating and supervising a very enthusiastic group of part-time staff members. Please allow me to give them a little recognition.
     At Tallwood in Fairfax, our staff members take care of the needs of three very busy classrooms as well as the demands of the total organization.

Maria Buczek

Beth Davis

Karen Nash

Bill Walsh
  • Maria Buczek is the Administrator and Registrar. Starting in September of 2008, Maria quickly grasped the intricacies of our registration system and helped many members learn how to register online. She maintains our member database and is responsible for generating class lists, confirmation emails and letters, and other mass mailings such as the weekly OLLI E-News. She handles most communications via email, phone, and postal mail. She also coordinates the ongoing maintenance needs of Tallwood with the University.
  • Beth Davis is the Program Associate and joined us in July 2008. I think of her as the "hub" of every communication related to the development of our courses and activities, from the initial brainstorming of ideas by our resource groups to the production of our catalog and subsequent support for our instructors and speakers. She serves as our resident "task master" so that everyone keeps up with deadlines for each step in the program development process.
  • Karen Nash has been the Finance Associate since January of 2006. If it has to do with money, Karen takes care of it. She processes all incoming revenue and makes payments for all equipment and services, including payroll. She reconciles financial reports and provides timely information to the executive director and the Board of Directors as they develop and implement the operating budget. Karen also processes contracts for bus trips and other services. As you can imagine, her job has become more complex with the addition of membership alternatives and payment options.
  • Bill Walsh is the Site Assistant for Tallwood and the resident "techie." He makes sure that computers and audiovisual equipment are working properly for each class. He assists instructors, speakers, and class coordinators in the use of microphones and other devices. Bill also handles most of the coffee and cookie preparations in the Tallwood social room.

Ann Youngren
  • Ann Youngren is the "face" of OLLI in Reston and has been the Site Assistant there for four years. Ann sets up the furniture in the morning and packs it away in the afternoon in the classroom area of Washington Plaza Baptist Church. She obtains the coffee and snacks and sets out display items. Until recently, Ann has been responsible for all the audio-visual support for classes.
  • For the last several months, participants in Reston classes have enjoyed the additional "classroom technology" support from Randy Anderson. Randy has his own private technology consulting business but has filled the important role of setting up and maintaining the computers and assisting Ann with other audiovisual equipment responsibilities.  

Kathy Breen (left) & Madeline Lynn
     In Loudoun…
  • The Loudoun Site Assistant is Kathy Breen. Her role is to provide support for the members as well as the instructors of OLLI courses at the Loudoun site. She handles communications as well as refreshments. This role has become a little more technical now that we have microphones and sound-system speakers to be used by instructors and lecturers.
  • Providing support for development of the courses in Loudoun is Madeline Lynn, the Program Assistant. Madeline organizes meetings of the Loudoun Program Committee and continually generates ideas for courses and leads for good instructors.
     I hope that you’ll join me in telling the OLLI staff members how much we appreciate the work they do to support the efforts of our members and fulfill the mission of OLLI!
Upcoming resource group meetings
By Kathryn Russell, Program Committee Chair
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW OLLI'S OUTSTANDING PROGRAM is developed? The fall catalog, now online and soon to arrive in your mailbox, offers 88 courses, 26 special events, and 13 ongoing activities. Believe me, this impressive line-up doesn’t happen by magic! It’s the result of hard work and dedication of OLLI members just like you. Two or three times a year enthusiastic volunteers from each of the subject areas meet to decide on specific courses to develop in upcoming sessions.
     YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION: We cordially invite all interested OLLI members to come to any of these meetings. Join in the lively program discussion, brainstorm ideas for courses, and take part in choosing classes for future sessions. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the OLLI program and to contribute ideas for interesting classes. Below you’ll find dates and times of upcoming Resource Group meetings (listed by date, earliest first) as well as people to contact should you need more information. We hope you’ll join us.

Contact: Lynda Hollidge
Madeline Lynn mlynn1@gmu.edu
 Location and time: Loudoun Conference Room, Aug 18, 10:30
Contacts: Abbie Edwards
Bob Lawshe
Location and time: TA-1, Aug 19, 10:00
Contact: Jayne Hart
Location and time: TA-2, Aug 24, 10:00
Contacts: Emmett Fenlon
     Bob Persell
Location and time: TA-1, Aug 25, 10:00
Contact: Leo Brennan
Location and time: TA-3, Aug 26, 11:30
Contacts: Doris Bloch dbloch50@hotmail.com
Jane Tombes
Kathie West kathiewest@cox.net
 Location and time: TA-2, Aug 27, 10:00
Contact: Luci Martel
Location and time: Washington Plaza Baptist Church, Aug 31, 1:30
Contact: Florence Adler
Location and time: Tallwood Annex, Sep 2, 10:00

It's easy to donate at registration time

By John Woods, Development Committee Chair
REGISTRATION FOR THE FALL TERM BEGINS TUE, AUG 18, and continues through Wed, Sep 2. The need to replenish our Friends of OLLI funds is great, as I explained in my article in last week's OLLI E-News. So we sincerely hope that you will consider making a donation to Friends of OLLI when you register. It's easy to donate at registration whether you do it online (where you can donate by credit card) or via the printed registration form.
     Normally we do acknowledge your contributions in OLLI publications, but we understand that some members prefer not to be listed. Here's how to express that preference.
  • At the Member Portal, after logging in please click Membership/Edit Personal Info, click Edit at lower left of your personal page, check the box to "Keep donations private," and click Update to save the change.
  • Using the printed registration form, check the applicable box ("Check here if to you do not want your name listed as a contributor in OLLI publications").
     We want to continue to provide scholarships for deserving George Mason University students and to enhance the OLLI learning experience through enhanced audiovisual improvements, so we hope you will be able to make a generous contribution to Friends of OLLI when you register. Thank you!
An idea from the Membership chair
By Debbie Halverson, Membership Committee Chair
THIS WEEK I COMPLETED MY SILENT AUCTION DONATION with a little help from my OLLI friends. And it gave me an idea.
     I had offered to teach cooking skills to novices -- "Suddenly Singles" as I called them -- but neither of the two who bought the auction item was "suddenly single." They’d been living and eating alone for a long time, just as I had. One of them knew how to cook but wanted to upgrade her skills, while the other said he hadn’t any experience in the kitchen at all.
      We worked in my kitchen on two different Mondays, 
baked chicken and salmon, and made a variety of pasta dishes, desserts, appetizers, homemade chicken noodle soup, and a wonderful quiche. Blueberries in season became a great tart; shrimp were "creoled." Completing the pleasure, we had lunch of what we made, and my students left with doggie bags of the day’s accomplishments.
      We agreed it was a success, and that caused me to do some thinking about how I might make this an ongoing offer for the benefit of Friends of OLLI. Perhaps there are others of you who might like to join me in my kitchen, maybe to learn more about the pleasures of cooking for one if you are in a single situation. Although many people at this point in life feel there’s no incentive in cooking without a family to feed, I’m here to tell you that creativity in the kitchen is as fun for one as for many. Consider yourself important enough to fuss over; achieve some aromatic culinary successes that will have your neighbors beating down your doors for a taste.
      So, if any OLLI members think they might like to learn with me in my kitchen for a fee that will go to Friends of OLLI, do get in touch. And, if others who donated a service at the silent auction also want to make their offer ongoing, let me know and we’ll set up a network to inform our members. Always for the good of OLLI while learning, which is what we do best.
Includes slideshow of photos taken at the Navy Museum
By Florence Adler, Special Events Resource Group Chair

Slideshow: five photos by Abbie Edwards and one photo by Bob Persell of OLLI's "top gun,"
President Emmett Fenlon, at the big gun.

ON TUESDAY, JULY 21, 34 OLLI MEMBERS toured the U. S. Navy Museum and Historical Center at the Washington Navy Yard. We were led by OLLI members Tom Kyriakakis and Pat McGinty, both of whom are docents at the museum. With its display of naval artifacts, models, documents and fine arts, the museum chronicles the history of the U.S. Navy from the American Revolution to present-day conflicts.
     After lunch in the Navy Yard dining hall we reassembled in the Museum Education Center for a very interesting lecture and discussion by Dr. Edward J. Marolda, senior historian of the Naval Historical Center. He talked about the U. S. Navy in the Korean War and how it defined the role of sea power in today’s world. Our day, including the breezes wafting off the Anacostia River, was very enjoyable.

Related Web link: U. S. Navy Museum.
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Windows 7 Home Premium
One of many available versions
Presentations on Skype and Windows 7

By Paul Howard, OLLI PC User Group Coordinator
THE OLLI PC USER GROUP WILL MEET at 1:00 on Sat, Aug 15, at Tallwood. The "Learn 30" session is on Skype 4.1 -- OLLI staffer Bill Walsh will examine the basics of this Internet communications service that allows video chats between two PCs (a great way to "see" the grandkids!). Then Gene Barlow will host a mini-Webinar during which he will answer questions about Acronis True Image Home, the PC backup and recovery software product that was presented at the July meeting. If you missed that meeting and are interested in obtaining the software, click here for a discount order form (pdf).
     Our main presentation will be on Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7, which will replace Vista. Speaking will be IT network professional Mark Mabee, a longtime member of the Capital PC User Group. He has been the featured presenter at a number of CPCUG events and has handled technical questions during pre-presentation Q&A sessions at other events.
     Curious about what the upcoming Microsoft Windows 7 operating system will look like? About its new features? About whether you can anticipate using it effortlessly after suffering through or working around the Microsoft Vista operating system? Mark Mabee shares the fun of exploring the Windows 7 "release candidate" and investigating the capabilities of the next Microsoft Windows operating system, now scheduled to be available Oct 22, 2009.

Related Web link: OLLI PC User Group's Web site -- OLLI PC Computer Users Group.
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A fourth anniversary for OLLI E-News
By Rod Zumbro, OLLI E-News Editor
DURING THE PAST FOUR YEARS we've provided a total of 195 weekly issues to you, our readers, in our effort to keep you informed, educated and entertained. My friend Gordon Canyock (Communications Committee Chair) and I decided to try out our idea of an OLLI email newsletter in July 2005. We've since discovered that yes, there really is enough content for a new issue every single week. That's because of the generosity of so many of you -- OLLI members who submit unsolicited articles, notices and photos as your way of sharing information of interest with the rest of the membership. Thanks very much to all of you who have contributed and in so doing, helped make OLLI E-News a success.
     Special thanks to reviewers Gordon Canyock, Barbara Kyriakakis and John West, who carefully check the draft issue each week with their eagle eyes and give me numerous suggested changes to correct my errors and improve the wording of articles. As an example of their dedication, Barbara -- while on vacation this week at the beach with lots of her grandchildren -- found a quiet corner to review this week's draft and sent me seven excellent suggestions. The review team makes OLLI E-News a more perfect newsletter for your reading enjoyment.
     To paraphrase The Washington Post: If you don't read it, you don't get it. In other words, the way to stay fully informed about what's happening at OLLI is to read the entire newsletter from top to bottom. We do provide a table of contents so you can easily read only the articles you're interested in, but the issues are full of information; if you don't read everything, you're missing out. (The other reason for linking each article to the table of contents is so there is a Web link to every article in every issue published, which comes in handy when it's appropriate to provide additional information to members.)
     Doing OLLI E-News is still fun, and I enjoy exercising my creativity, so I'll probably keep doing this for a while longer.
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Four excursions along Metro
By Stan Schretter, OLLI member

Left to right, Bruce Mercer, Anita Ohlhausen and Larry Krupnik shoot the White House. Photo by the writer.

TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS AROUND THE WASHINGTON AREA has become a fixture of the OLLI summer. This year up to 15 enthusiastic photographers in the Field Photography course participated in four excursions along the Metro line, including Arlington National Cemetery, National Zoo, Capitol Hill, and the National Mall. As illustrated above, the photography was firmly grounded ... with a great time had by the participants who often extended the morning shooting excursions by taking long lunches.


Dick Young
Photo by Bob Lawshe
Meet newly elected director Dick Young

By Elizabeth Crawford, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
IN HIS TWO YEARS AS A MEMBER OF OLLI, new Board of Directors member Dick Young has volunteered in several areas. He has taught courses such as "California: From Missions to Millions," "The Galapagos Islands: Then and Now," and "Escape of an Assassin (John Wilkes Booth)." He has been a class liaison and member of the History and Current Events Resource Group, the History Club, and the Communications Committee. This spring he ran for the Board and was elected to a three-year term in May. Recently Dick has accepted another leadership position as co-chair of the History and Current Events Resource Group.
     A native of Hutchinson, Kansas, Dick attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, on an NROTC scholarship; after commissioning, he served three years in the Navy. Dick's subsequent career was in law: he graduated from Georgetown Law Center, worked as a patent and trademark attorney, and became a partner in a DC law firm. Since 1970, Dick has served the Northern Virginia Swimming League in various capacities.
     Dick is interested in researching and recording family history and, in fact, has taught two courses based on his ancestors' journals. In a writing class this spring, he focused on his family history and his long ties to Northfield, Massachusetts, where he and his wife, Willie, own a summer cottage. He enjoys organizing reunions with family, friends, and classmates. In August, Dick and Willie will celebrate their fiftieth anniversary with their four children and six grandchildren.
     Dick was delighted to discover OLLI in 2007 and, among other contributions, will use his position on the Board to encourage volunteers so that our organization can maintain its diversity of courses and high quality of instruction. He hopes to continue "to get interesting people interested in OLLI."

Editor's note, May 2012. For a more recent update, click here to read Dick's 2012 candidate bio.
A forum for members to voice their views on OLLI matters
WE ARE HAPPY TO PUBLISH your brief letters about OLLI and, if a response seems appropriate, we will include an OLLI response from the executive director or the applicable officer or committee chair in the same issue. Submit your letter via email to the editor or submit it as a "letter to the editor" via the online suggestion box or the suggestion box in the Tallwood Social Room. To be published in a given Friday's issue, the editor must receive the letter no later than 7:00 pm on Monday so that any applicable OLLI response can also be published. Letters can be published anonymously but you must include your name and email address or phone number so we can verify that you are an OLLI member.

Trying classes at Loudoun
Dear Editor:
I live in Arlington and decided to check out the Loudoun campus by enrolling in a class. It is a lovely facility and only took me 33 minutes to get there. I am not sure I would take an eight-week class there but I would take a single or short-term class if the subject is of interest. Try it! It may not be as difficult and as far as you would think.
-- Mary Lou McMorrow, OLLI member
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An unusual event in a Reston class
By Carol Henderson, OLLI member

Instructor Gloria Sussman (left) and her piano partner, Ellen Winner (right). Photo by Al Hodgdon.

IT'S A SPECIAL TREAT WHEN AN OLLI INSTRUCTOR morphs from teacher to performer, as Gloria Sussman did on Tue, Jul 28, in the summer-term finale to her popular Ongoing Pleasures of Music class in Reston. The first half of Gloria’s program began downstairs in the usual church classroom. Then, as part of OLLI’s new arrangement to make occasional use of the handsomely modern sanctuary portion of the Lake Anne Church (equipped with a grand piano), Gloria and her piano partner, Ellen Winner, played four-hands piano pieces by Debussy and Faure. Ellen had come from her home in the Annapolis area just to play with Gloria for the 30 lucky attendees. Both women included witty commentary about the series of short pieces they played. And after they decided to start one piece over, Ellen noted that the slogan for piano duet players is "Meet you at the next bar!"

How to contact OLLI
HERE IS A READY REFERENCE on how to contact OLLI. For email addresses and phone numbers not listed below, please consult the online Membership Directory (log in to Member Portal).
  • President: Emmett Fenlon
  • Executive Director: Thom Clement, phone 703-503-7866
  • OLLI Office, phone 703-503-3384
  • Tallwood Administrator/OLLI Registrar: Maria Buczek, phone 703-503-3384
  • Board members: See Organization page (to send an email to the entire Board, send it to the office or the OLLI E-News editor, and your message will be forwarded to all members of the Board)
  • Committee chairs, resource-group chairs: See Organization page
  • Suggestions: Online suggestion box
  • Letters to the editor or letters to Ms. Ollie Ettakit (etiquette matters): OLLI E-News Editor Rod Zumbro, phone 703-569-2750
Non-class events at OLLI for the next two weeks

THE FOLLOWING LIST covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office (see Upcoming Non-Class Events to view the real-time OLLI online calendar used by the office). Note: Board, committee, resource-group and 'membership-type' meetings/events below are highlighted in bold. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource-group meetings (except during executive sessions).

Fri Jul 31        Summer Term Ends
     10am     Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11am     Homer Group - Social Room Annex
Mon Aug 3 -- Fri Aug 14     OLLI Closed
Tue Aug 4   10:30am   Knitting and Needlework Club  - Lake Anne Coffee Shop
Tue Aug 11   10:30am   Knitting and Needlework Club  - Lake Anne Coffee Shop
Sat Aug 15    1pm    OLLI PC Users Group (OPCUG) - Tallwood
Mon Aug 17    10am    Bridge Club - TA-3
Tue Aug 18    Fall Registration Begins
     10:30am     Knitting and Needlework Club  - Lake Anne Coffee Shop

     10:30am    Loudoun Program Committee Meeting - Loudoun Conference Room

Wed Aug 19     10am    Philosophy, Ethics, Religion Resource Group Meeting - TA-1
     10am     Investment Forum - TA-3
Fri Aug 21    
10am     Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11am     Homer Group - Social Room Annex

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