OLLI E-News #29-11 of July 22, 2011
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> FALL CATALOG: The pdf version is available online now; check it out!
> BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING: 10:00, Fri, Jul 29, TA-1. All OLLI members invited.
CONTENTS FOR FRI, JUL 22, 2011 About OLLI E-News
> DOES OLLI SAVE MARRIAGES? From the executive director. By Thom Clement
New Board member Bob Zener. By Sandy Rittenhouse
> A NEW JOINT VENTURE. Lecture/seminar at Mason's Prince William campus.
> PROGRAM CORNER. Upcoming resource group meetings. By Kathryn Russell

. OLLI photographers' field trip.
Selected by the OLLI Poetry Workshop.
> HYLTON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming Manassas performances.
By Sheri Siesseger
> COMING ATTRACTIONS. Upcoming non-class events at OLLI.

From the executive director
By Thom Clement, Executive Director
IT HAS BEEN SUGGESTED that we add a new item to the list of benefits to membership in OLLI: OLLI saves marriages. Although this is usually said with tongue in cheek, there is some truth to the claim. Let me explain.
     Most people who are married have been through various phases of life during which expectations and routines gradually shifted. After the honeymoon period when we did everything together, the demands and responsibilities of careers and families tend to take over. My wife and I laugh when we recall our conversations through our car windows on the street in front of our house: one of us was coming home when the other was just leaving. Our time together often included transporting kids to and from their activities and then staying to watch. Our conversations at dinner frequently centered around what happened at work that day or solving the latest crisis with one or more of our children. Despite the stress, we enjoyed those times.
     In our retirement years, we need to readjust to the presence and availability of our spouses. We need to rediscover what we have in common and allow ample space for individual interests. Because marriage is proof of the adage that "opposites attract," we may find that in retirement years our increased togetherness can result in stepping on each other's proverbial toes. Too much togetherness may cause problems. As one OLLI member reminded me, his wife told him that she married him "for better or worse," but not necessarily for lunch!

A sampling of OLLI couples enjoying OLLI events together. Clockwise from upper left: 1) the Wests, John & Kathie; 2) the McNamaras, Julie & Mike; 3) the Zumbros, Rod & Susanne; 4) the Gerstens, Linda & Shelly. Collage by Rod Zumbro.
     OLLI provides the solution. For some couples, both people join OLLI and take courses in similar areas together. For other OLLI couples, the husband and wife take courses in completely different subjects. For some of our members, it has worked best for one spouse to spend time enjoying OLLI courses and activities while the other person pursues different activities during the day. Regardless of the situation, OLLI has helped these retired couples enjoy their time together, thus OLLI saves marriages!
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20th anniversary campaign progress as of Wed, Jul 20 – 82%

Goal: $20K


Bob Zener
New Board member Bob Zener

By Sandy Rittenhouse, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
WHEN ASKED WHAT HE LIKES MOST about OLLI, newly elected Board member Bob Zener said, "Teaching." Even though he never taught before joining OLLI, it seems as though his educational and work background were preparing him for a natural move into teaching once he had time for it.
     Bob has a law degree and was general counsel for the Environmental Protection Agency, so it's logical that the first course he taught for OLLI was on environmental law. Bob also practiced law in the Department of Justice—arguing government cases before the federal courts of appeals—and in the private sector, so the next OLLI course he taught was on constitutional law. Bob found that arguing cases in the courts provided him a good background for preparing classes, communicating main points, and being able to think on his feet. He really enjoys OLLI students; he thinks they are sophisticated, educated and ask good questions.
     Bob joined OLLI in 2009 and has served on two resource groups (history/current events and literature/language/theater), helping them develop classes for their subject areas. He lives roughly equidistant from our three campuses, so he can easily contribute his talents throughout OLLI.
     Bob grew up in Chicago and did his undergraduate work at the University of Chicago, where he completed the Great Books Program. He says "lights went on" when he studied English literature there. This fall he'll have the opportunity to turn on those lights for OLLI students when he co-teaches a class on T. S. Eliot with Kathryn Russell.
     Bob's hobby is playing the piano; he is currently fascinated with piano pieces that involve playing the piano's internal strings along with piano keys. Bob and his wife Thelma, also an OLLI member, have two sons and three grandchildren.
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Lecture/seminar at Mason's Prince William campus
SEVERAL OLLI MEMBERS HAVE INQUIRED about the possibility of providing OLLI courses on the George Mason campus in Prince William County near Manassas. I'm happy to announce that we will be offering a one-time lecture and seminar there on Wednesday, September 21 from 2:00-4:00. The event's topic will be on Climate Change, presented by Keith Dixon (photo at right), research meteorologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Princeton, New Jersey.
     This event is a joint venture in partnership with the Lifelong Learning Institute of Manassas, which is affiliated with Northern Virginia Community College. It will be open to their members as well as our OLLI members. We have made arrangements for use of Discovery Hall (click left photo or here for map/directions), a very nice facility with comfortable seating for 97 participants. Parking will be available at no charge in the lot of the Hylton Performing Arts Center right next to Discovery Hall.
     OLLI members will be able to register for this event via our normal registration process, and more information will be provided for participants. If you are interested, you may wish to read one or more of these suggested books on the topic:
-- By Thom Clement, Executive Director

Upcoming resource group meetings
By Kathryn Russell, Program Committee Chair
IF YOU'VE RECENTLY BEEN THINKING of OLLI courses you'd like to see offered in the future, now is the time to share these ideas. Two or three times a year the resource groups, made up of enthusiastic volunteers, meet to plan for upcoming terms. We welcome all members to come join in the fun of sharing ideas and choosing courses to develop. These lively meetings also provide the perfect opportunity to learn more about how the OLLI program works.
     Because we are a member-driven organization, we need your ongoing support and involvement in the program. Only with the help of our OLLI members can we continue to offer the exciting array of courses we've all become accustomed to seeing each time a new catalog comes out. We hope you'll check out the dates and meeting times below and plan to get involved in the rewarding process of program planning. You can also call or email the resource group chairs listed online and near the front of the catalog. We hope to see you at one or more of these sessions:
  • Art and Music: Tallwood, Tuesday, August 30, 10:30
  • Economics and Finance: Tallwood, Wednesday, August 31, 11:30-1:00
  • History and Current Events: Tallwood, Friday, September 9, 10:00
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Tallwood, Thursday, September 8, 10:30
  • Literature, Language and Theater: Tallwood, Tuesday, September 6, 10:00
  • Religious Studies: Tallwood, Wednesday, August 24, 10:00
  • Science, Technology and Health: Tallwood, Wednesday, August 24, 11:30
  • Special Events: Tallwood, Wednesday, September 7, 10:00
  • Reston Program Planning: Washington Plaza Baptist Church, Friday, August 26, 10:00
  • Loudoun Program Planning: Loudoun Conference Room, Tuesday, August 16, 10:30

OLLI photographers' field trip

LAST FRIDAY, JULY 15 for Special Event 956, OLLI member/instructor Stan Schretter took OLLI photographers to the sunflower fields at the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Potomac to shoot sunflowers. Stan reports in his blog that "The sunflower field was very crowded with photographers, making it difficult to shoot without capturing a photographer in the image. As we were leaving, Joe Ellis found a black snake, and we had some fun both photographing it and watching Joe trying to play with it."


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Selected by the OLLI Poetry Workshop

Less Than Clear

Less than clear am I
I am going to die.
It doesn't feel real
that something will steal
my everyday breath away.
(though they say it'll happen;
though it doesn't feel genuine)
I'm content to undercut
the urge to clear the matter up.

Ed Sadtler
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Upcoming Manassas performances, Jul 22 - 31 
By Sheri Siesseger, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or click "Buy Tickets" at the event listing in the calendar (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) – or visit the box office in the lobby of the Hylton Performing Arts Center on Mason's Prince William Campus in Manassas, Wed-Sat, noon to 6:00. More info on tickets is at the ticket purchase page.

Vpstart Crow
Fri, Jul 22, 8:00
Sat, Jul 23, 2:00 and 8:00
Sun, Jul 24, 2:00
     Resident Arts Partner Vpstart Crow presents Neil Simon's classic about several affluent couples invited to a 10th anniversary dinner party. They arrive to discover that much is amiss and strive to cover up the evening's happenings from the police and the news media.
Admission: $10, $15, $20.
Gregory Family Theatre
World Premier: Director's Cut, Gods & Generals
Fri, Jul 22, 3:00
Sat, Jul 23, 6:00
     The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership, Warner Brothers and director Ron Maxwell present the movie's world premier. 
     The Friday program is preceded by a panel discussion moderated by Maxwell with actors from the film. The one-hour panel discussion begins at 3:00 and the film is shown from 5:00 to 10:00.
     Saturday's showing will be introduced by opening remarks from director Maxwell.
     Proceeds from this event support the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership.
Admission: Friday, $61, groups of 20 or more, $50 per person; Saturday, $35.
Merchant Hall

Upcoming non-class events at OLLI
THE FOLLOWING LIST covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office, with direct Web links added when available. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource group meetings. For more activities specifically related to the Loudoun site, see Roberta Sherman's latest Loudoun Notes (pdf). For more activities specifically related to the Reston site, see Sharon Gilman's latest Eye on Reston (Word document).
     Note: The below list is accurate as of mid-week but for the very latest information, please see Upcoming Non-Class Events to view the real-time OLLI online calendar maintained by the office.
Fri Jul 22   Summer Term ends
9am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     9:30am   Travel Club - TA-C
     10am   Loudoun Classic Fiction Book Club - Loudoun, Room 205
     11am   Homer Club - Annex
Mon Jul 25   10am   What's in the Daily News? Continued - Annex
     10am   Tallwood Bridge Club - TA-3

Tue Jul 26   9:00am   Grand Camp - Tallwood
Fri Jul 29   9am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     10:00am   Board of Directors meeting - TA-1
     11am   Homer Club - Annex
Mon Aug 1   OLLI closed through Aug 12 (no E-News on Aug 5 and 12)
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