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Cancelled, Changed, Closed Courses

Spring 2017 Catalog Changes

 You can go to the registration site within two to three weeks after registration closes (log-in required) and see whether or not you received the courses you signed up for by using the Enrollment Status on the side bar. Then you can sign up for any non-closed courses and events. Closed classes are listed below the following table.

 2017 Spring Catalog Changes

The following information in the Spring 2017 catalog has changed since it has been published and mailed.  (Updated March 9, 2017.)

Change Pg Course # Course Name Details
Added 1105 New member Coffee Friday, Mar 24, 10 am
Added F118 Watercolor 2 Intermediate/Advanced Skill Thursdays 2:15-3:40 pn
Cancelled 9 F306 How the Federal Government Buys Its Goods & Services
Cancelled 12 L317 World War II Remembrances
Venue change 14 F408 Literary Britain Church of the Good Shepherd
Venue Change 15 F410 Theater Potpourri TA-3
Start date change 15 `F411 Booker Prize Books Start date-March 29
End date-May 17
Cancelled 19 L424 Penelope Liverly’s Moon Tiger
Time Change 21 F503 Italian for Travelers 9:40-11:05 am
Cancelled 21 L505 Learning the Parsi (Faesi)
Venue change 23 F651 Mass Media Today Church of the Good Shepherd
Time change 27 F702 Migration, Immigration, Refugees March 14, 11:50-1:15 pm
Title correction 29 F802 Caring & Maintaining the Trees & Forest of Fairfax County
Venue change 30 F803 Aging and Physical Activity Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue change 30 F804 Medical Updates from the Health Professionals at Inova Church of the Good Shepher
Venue change 35 956 Health Reform Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue change 36 958 How I Survived the Holocaust Church of the Good Shepherd
Venue change 36 959 Charlemagne Cascades Library, Room A
Venue change 37 962 A Satellite’s View of the Earth Church of the Good Shepherd
Venue change 37 965 The US Economy Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue change 38 967 Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Hyatt Place Sterling 21481 Ridgetop Circle
Venue change 39 972 President Trump: The First 100 Days Church of the Good Shepherd


Closed Classes, Lectures, and Trips

 961 The Mystery of the East German Airliner
 965  The US Economy
 969 An American Dynasty: The Rockefellers
 971  The Greatest Women of the Great White Way
 973 Visit to the Legato School
 974  Tour the Norman M. Cole Fairfax County Wastewater Treatment Plant
 977  Spring Wining and Dining in the Virginia Countryside
 978 Lunch at the Euro Bistro Restaurant
980 Books, Books, Books – Libraries
F102 Introduction to Sketching and Watercolor Art
 F107 Drawing and Sketching Workshop
F108 American Art, Modernism and the 1913 Armory Exhibition
F201 The Great Game: Make Money While You Sleep
 F202 Federal Debt, Spending, Taxes and the Bankrupting of America
F302 Jerusalem’s Holy Sites: History and Controversy
F304 World War I Potpourri
F308 Who was the Fairfax Family? The Colonial History of Fairfax County
F310 Ulysses S. Grant: Soldier and President
 F403 French Film Festival
F406 Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to Safety
F411 Booker Prize Books: A Marketplace Niche?
F501 Spanish Conversational Forum
F603 Genesis: The Beginning of Wisdom
F654 Talking About Justice, Freedom, and Security
F655 Iraq and Syria: People, Politics, and Power
 F701 What’s in the Daily News?
F703 Great Decisions 2017
F805 Beginner Chen-Style Tai Chi
F901 Trip Tales
L428 German Expressionism in Film
L657 The Persian Empire: 2500 CE to 1979 CE
L813 Panama Canal, the First Big Dig: History, Politics, Engineering, Commerce & Defense
R504 Beginning French